About XYZ Fashion

In 2019, long-time xyz fashion employees and best friends Rachel and Tiffany took ownership of the company and immediately expanded its definition of sustainability. Together they agree that sustainable business must go beyond ecological certifications to encompass ensuring the well-being of everyone who has a hand in the process.

Today xyz fashion to continue enriching our local economy with good paying jobs and community outreach, empowering our employees with flexible schedules and benefits, and upholding fair compensation models and safe working conditions for our production partners.

As a team we view sustainability as an ongoing effort and evolution. We continuously ask ‘How can we do better?’ so the comfort you find in the softness of our fabrics is equal to the satisfaction you feel supporting a brand that takes care of its People. We sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to.    

Our loyal long-time customers love the softness and comfort of our products, and feel good about the ways we support and empower our employees and production partners.


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